The Island
A Mediterranean Dream
It resembles nowhere, wrote the first travelers who docked to the mystic costs of Sardinia.

The wind caressing the Mediterranean shrubland clinging to barren rocks and the silence only interrupted by the lapping waves on the white sand seem to crystallise time.

Nature invites you to let all your tensions and worries fade away in the emerald shades of Pevero bay sea and find your inner peace in a place where intimacy and harmony reign supreme.
The Nature
Mystic Landscape
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Let the scent of the mastic welcome you, the fresh and fizzy aroma of the myrtle tickle your nostrils and the soft juniper needles caress your skin.

This is the ancient beauty of Sardinia’s flora where you’ll be immersed and that will embrace you while looking at the sun plunging into the sea tinged with sunset reflections.
The Sea
Wavy Shimmer
The intense green of the shrubs gives way to the silky and crystalline waters of the sea of the north-eastern coast.

The placid Pevero Bay charms you with its soft white sand and the chromatic play of water swings between green and blue until it becomes transparent on the shoreline, such is the clarity of the sea.
The Project
Where Infinity Starts
The five Kaleidos villas are designed to nest in the smooth granite rocks and fit into the natural landscape as sophisticated and graceful guests.

The light and linear modernity of the structures creates an intimate atmosphere that opens to a breathtaking view of the sea.

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