The Project

The Philosophy
A Project Merging With Nature
A composition of small, harmonious volumes with neat forms that open onto the sea, fits into the Sardinian landscape without overwhelming it.

The linear and light modernity is inspired by Gallura architecture while respectfully preserving its strongest features: monoliths enter the interior spaces, the brickwork is made with the ancient Sardinian technique, the wrought iron is handcrafted and the wood has warm tones.

The architecture peeks at nature through large windows with discreet frames, material extensions that seem to merge with the surrounding scenery.
Tangible Poetry
The fine materials used are the result of careful research that recall an accurate taste of tradition.

In the living area, Orosei stone and basalt are reinvented and blended with more refined stones and each combination is designed in detail.

Each bathroom is personalised by the work of local artisans who thought precisely about every composition, finishing wood, resins, glazed terracotta and sculpting Orosei marble.